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We are committed


Aware of the need to combine economic and eco-responsible performance and to federate its ecosystem around a common social project, the STERNE Group has made sustainable development a top priority. Our governance system and growth strategy are now guided by an integrated CSR and ESG policy.

Today, the Group’s ability to optimize and pool its flows, combined with its powerful distribution network and its national and international network, make it a reference player in the decarbonization of the sector.

75% of our deliveries are made
at night or on a staggered schedule
by means of shared tours

10% of our staff work at
reduce the carbon footprint associated
with activities of the Group

100% of our fleet
meets the standards

Starting in 2022 each vehicle
6m3 at end of life will be replaced by
an electric vehicle or CNG/CNG

193 tonnes de CO2 économisées
depuis 2018
grâce à l’optimisation
de nos flux de transport

98.000 tons of CO2 saved/yr
through the use of
reusable containers

structuring commitments

To show its determination and commitment over the long term, the STERNE Group has chosen 6 strong commitments. It has been part of recognized programs, such as The Global Compact and Climate Pledge Friendly, and has invested in carbon offset projects such as installing solar panels, participating in the CO2 Sink, etc.

Favoriser l’intégration et l’épanouissement des collaborateurs


Boost the integration and development of employees

Companies must integrate societal issues into their growth models and their businesses. Here again, the STERNE Group plays its full role by encouraging all its employees and managers to act in favour of equality, safety and inclusion.

Equality: To eliminate all forms of inequality, our recruitment policy focuses solely on skills. STERNE Group is committed to ensuring a fair compensation system and equal treatment in access to career development. (Occupational Equality Index 2018: 71/100 – 2020: 89/100)

Inclusion: in 2021, STERNE launched #TOUSÀBORD (#ALLONBOARD), a project that aims to carry out concrete social actions to promote diversity within the Group. The employability of people with disabilities and the recruitment of young graduates were highlighted, knowing that each year, the project team renews itself to carry other themes.

Protéger la santé des équipes et partenaires


Protect the health of teams and partners

Safety: Preventing risks at work and securing logistics warehouses are at the heart of our daily concerns. STERNE is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees by equipping them with PPE adapted to the business process, such as reinforcement harnesses or safety shoes, gloves and vests.

Strict analysis of goods transported: The STERNE Group controls the goods it transports in such a way as to ensure their compatibility and our ability to handle them safely. Objective: to avoid accidents and MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) of our teams and providers.

Réduire les émissions de CO2


Reducing CO2 emissions

Every day, our teams work to limit our carbon footprint through concrete actions, which serve four major objectives:

Developing green transport

– Delivery by bike/cargo bike, vehicle renewal with hybrid, NGV and electric models
– Eco-driving training
– Promoting green transportation solutions

Avoiding urban congestion
– Night collection and delivery at night or at staggered times
– Multimodal Transportation

Boost the circular economy
– Managing of return flows
– Use of reusable plastic or metal bins
– Recovery, recycling or destruction of waste

Reduce kilometres travelled
– Optimisation of regular rounds and urgent transport flows
– Pooled transport solutions
– Multiple delivery options: at the customer’s location, in the trunk of a vehicle, at a professional outlet or as a delivery service
– Multiple repositories and storage locations.

The STERNE Group has scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon balance sheets, in order to determine a path to reduce CO2 emissions.

Protéger l’environnement pour les générations futures


Protecting the environment for future generations

Developing biodiversity: the STERNE Group is working to implement a carbon offset and biodiversity restoration solution by investing in the restoration of wetlands or wastelands.

Preventing accidental pollution: the risk analyses carried out by the STERNE Group have revealed a risk of accidental pollution of water caused by falling objects or liquids during the transport or handling phases. Conscious of our responsibility, we have equipped each of our agencies with pollution control kits.

Développer une politique d’achats responsables


Develop a responsible purchasing policy

Responsible Supplier Relations Charter: Committed to an asset-light approach, the STERNE Group has put in place a responsible purchasing policy, which was materialized by the signing of the “Responsible Supplier Relations” charter with the CNA (National Purchasing Council). In this context, we are implementing actions for SMEs, supported by our SME Correspondent and our internal mediator.

Ethics: Aware of the need to involve our ecosystem, we sign a code of ethics with our service providers and partners, aligned with the commitments of the Global Compact.

Faire évaluer notre engagement social


Get our social commitment assessed

Measure: To assess the impact of our actions, we have a management system based on non-financial reporting software covering the following themes:
– Environment
– Social
– Responsible Purchasing
– Security of property and people
– Governance and Compliance

Get assessed: All our actions are sanctioned by certifications that fulfill the Group’s CSR ambitions. In 2021, STERNE obtained ECOVADIS GOLD certification for its subsidiaries STERNE Regular, Express and City, as well as ISO 14001 certification for STERNE Time Critical, Regular and City.

We are determined to extend these approaches to all of our activities, and to continue our commitments alongside all stakeholders in our ecosystem.