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The STERNE Group placed
with 4 major objectives.

Create more added value for its customer

Increase both logistics and energy efficiency

Improve service and customer experience

Gain agility in order to adapt to market changes

Today, the ambition of the STERNE Group is to go beyond the role of a simple operator and enter into a logic of partnership with our customers.
Every day, we support them in their quest for performance and competitiveness, as well as in their digital and ecological transition by developing delivery solutions with high added value that combine proximity, speed and security…

Julien MICHALLET – Digital Transformation Director of the STERNE Group

Digital at the heart
of the customer relationship

Digital now plays a key role in customer relations, the act of purchase, satisfaction and loyalty. Deploying a customer experience management strategy that integrates digital and digital tools has become essential.

Our customers demand a quality service, digitalized and accessible 24/7 from anywhere, the STERNE Group’s digital strategy is based on two main areas:
– customer experience
– operational excellence.

The continuous search
for optimization

Sharing our clients’ tours is our core business.
The search for continuous improvement of our distribution network has a double objective: to optimize the connection of our multiple delivery points in compliance with the time constraints of our customers and to limit the number of kilometers traveled, to eradicate empty kilometres.

Guaranteeing the logistical efficiency of our customers, this dense and unique network with European reach, offers an increased performance rate and tangible results in terms of CO2 emission reduction.

In this dynamic and in order to gain ever more operational and energy efficiency, STERNE relies on solutions to optimize tours in real time, a customer portal exhibiting KPI indicators on the flows operated and our quality service rate presented under Power BI, and management and monitoring tools that enable real-time information sharing between customers and/or partners, our operating services and drivers.

towards ever more traceability

Faced with the growing need for transparency and secure flows, the STERNE Group offers innovative real-time physical and thermal traceability systems.

In the health sector, it is a question of being able to transport products that are very sensitive to temperature variations, in an increasingly strict regulatory context. The STERNE Group has been able to develop an adequate «cold» offer and deploy a precise logistics, which allows temperature management and control.
In case of exceeding the threshold, automated alerts are triggered and allow intervention as soon as possible.

The STERNE Group has chosen RFID technology for the management of large parcel volumes, particularly in the tertiary sector.
Results: time savings, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Engineering for the Green

Our approach is virtuous in terms of sustainable development. It is crucial to help our customers enter a green trend, improve their CSR KPIs and reduce their carbon impact.

STERNE CIO – Chief Information Officer

Our innovations are designed with the challenges of decarbonization in mind. Today, green alternatives increasingly integrate our offer. Thus, on the last kilometre segment in urban areas, the STERNE Group has designed a 100% autonomous tri-temperature cargo bike for sensitive products requiring temperature-controlled transport (vaccines, medicines, samples, etc.).

The bike is equipped with three containers equipped with low consumption refrigeration and freezing systems (ambient temperature, 2-4°C and -20°C) with temperature monitoring management. This innovation with zero noise emissions and zero air pollution makes it possible to carry out collection tours in the heart of the city with an autonomy of 12 hours, thanks to external rechargeable batteries.


Number of bicycles/ electric vehicles. which intervene at night in city areas to reduce noise pollution.


flows operated at night to limit congestion and pollution during the day