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The digital revolution requires us to constantly reinvent ourselves. Tomorrow, we will no longer only offer our customers urgent and tailor-made transport services, but also a set of connected solutions and services, gathered around digital uses.

Each and every day, we do everything we can to support you in your digital transition: ecological transport, shared tours, geolocation, taking and tracking orders on mobile, drone delivery, etc. The Sterne Group is definitely looking towards the future to reinvent tomorrow’s transport and delivery services.

A changing world

As bike coursiers, last mile, orders and deliveries tracking, mobile uses and technologies, the transport and delivery sector is currently experiencing major changes as a result of digital technologies.

what tomorrow could offer

At Sterne, innovation is a mindset, one that aims to continuously improve the existing. Our achievements have only one objective: to go with you even further tomorrow.

Ongoing projects

Drone Delivery

Sterne works with among the best French specialists in the drone industry to create tomorrow’s delivery services.

A unique entry point

Need an emergency courier or need to send a container halfway around the world? All our offer will be available in a few clicks on desktop or mobile.


We make a point of involving our clients in our advancements, but also all ecosystem players interested in our solutions.

Sterne has set up a program to incubate and mentor startups that position themselves in the transport sector.

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