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Entrust your logistics to a specialized partner and refocus on your core business

Outsourcing of transport and logistics, research of productivity and competitiveness, respect of commitments to your customers or patient, compliance with regulations of public health standards, the health market is characterized by needs, its own issues and constraints.

Since logistics has become a key element of your performance, you are looking for a service provider that can support you in your development, optimize your supply chain and satisfy your customers as best as possible.

As a privileged partner of the medical sector, we offer a wide range of solutions with high added value, planned or unplanned, dedicated or shared, allowing you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Sector expertise

Analysis laboratories

Merging & Acquisiton, centralization of technical platforms, research of mutualization, you evolve in a strong competitive environment and seek to improve your productivity and performance.

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Pharmaceutical laboratories

You seek to improve your competitiveness, while guaranteeing the integrity of the products transported. As such, logistics has become a key part of your performance.

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Health establishments

You are looking to outsource the transport and logistics of your medicines, materials, samples or grafts. The choice of your provider is decisive for the respect of public health issues.

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In-house care

Offer you a wide range of medical equipment and medicines for sale and rental and services for people in a situation of dependency.

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Medical devices

ou are looking for a specialist provider to transport and install your medical equipment and automata with the care and precaution required.

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Environmental laboratories

Distribution of sampling kits to your technicians, delivery of analysis samples on your technical platform.

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Specialised transport & logistics

Pharmaceutical distributors, logistics specialists under controlled temperatures, you seek to improve your competitiveness.

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Dental technicians

Prosthetists, you must receive as soon as possible dental fingerprints, essential to the realization of prostheses.

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