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Urgent delivery

Urgent delivery

Delivery imperative, service continuity imperative,
production in just-in-time flows, supply flow management,
failure, unexpected: the situation requires urgent delivery?

For each request, our experts advise you
and give you the most suitable solution for your
degree of urgency and typology of your products.

Our range of URGENT and DEDICATED services offers you all the delivery options you are looking for:

  • Planned or on demand
  • At an urban, regional, national or international scale
  • By road, air or rail


  • Availability 24/7, 365day/year
  • Solutions all in door to door
  • Accelerated customs procedure
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Quality of service > 99.8%
  • Continuity of your business or production

road solutions

We analyze your needs and offer you dedicated solutions, adapted to your products, degree of urgency and budget

Urgent run

  • Solution within 15 minutes
  • Rapid implementation and execution
  • Dedicated vehicle
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Expedited Clearance Service
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Delivery Confirmation

Shuttle - regular tour

  • Dedicated collection and delivery tour
  • Compliance with transit schedules
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Delivery Confirmation

Airfreight solutions

We offer “ALL IN” air solutions to and from over 190 countries around the world


  • Express Freight
  • Boarding the first direct flight (NFO)
  • Dedicated collection and delivery


  • Accompanied baggage
  • Guaranteed boarding
  • Personal delivery to consignee


  • Aircraft, dedicated helicopter
  • Maximum Responsiveness
  • Delivery to the fastest


  • Aircraft on ground
  • Maximum Responsiveness
  • Delivery to the fastest


rail solution

Alternative to air and sea transport, we offer you a rail solution between Europe and China


  • Departure all China to return Europe
  • Departure all Europe to return China
  • Transit time: 20 days
  • All weights, all volumes
  • Faster than the maritime
  • More economical than air travel
  • Respect for the environment



Our solutions meet all your needs and challenges, whether they are supply flows, prototype transport, spare parts deliveries, etc.



Based on your organization, our services are designed to secure the delivery of your factories and customers. Optimizing response times on immobilized devices…



Aware that logistics has become a differentiating criterion, you seek to optimize the supply chain and gain flexibility…



Aware that logistics has become the differentiating criterion, you seek to optimize the supply-chain of your spare parts to gain speed, agility and productivity.



Haute couture houses, luxury and art market professionals, gastronomy actors, show and concert organizers, you are looking for a trusted partner for your prestigious transport.



Outsourcing of transport and logistics, productivity and competitiveness, compliance with customer or patient commitments, compliance with regulations, etc. The health market is characterized by its own needs, challenges and constraints.



The emergence of new consumer practices (e-commerce, ship from store, click & collect) and the rapid evolution of end-customer expectations require you to rethink your supply chain.