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Urban delivery

Urban delivery

Urban race of folds or parcels, routing
materials to a teleworker, gift distribution
end of year, evening delivery of purchases made
by your customers, our urban solutions meet
to all your needs.

We offer all the delivery options you are looking for:

  • Scheduled or on-demand delivery
  • Use of electric vehicles and bicycles
  • Real-time traceability of your folds and coli


  • Accessibility in 1 click
  • Simplicity and time saving
  • Full end-to-end traceability
  • Carbon footprint available online
  • Manage¬†your race activity
  • Control of your budget

Road solutions


Urgent delivery of folds and parcels in urban centres

  • Delivery on demand or planned
  • Real-time traceability
  • Time-stamped proof of delivery
  • Electronic signature


Urban distribution under time constraints in B to B

  • Optimization of tours
  • Adherence to agreed schedules
  • Time-stamped proof of delivery
  • Electronic signature

Regular tours

Organization of regular tour in D

  • Optimization of tours
  • Own vehicle and employee driver
  • Compliance with transit schedules
  • Time-stamped proof of delivery
  • Electronic signature




Haute couture houses, luxury and art market professionals, gastronomy actors, show and concert organizers, you are looking for a trusted partner for your prestigious transport



Outsourcing of transport and logistics, research of productivity and competitiveness, respect of commitments to your customers or patient, compliance with regulations… The health market is characterized by its own needs, challenges and constraints.



The emergence of new consumer practices (e-commerce, ship from store, click & collect) and the rapid evolution of end-customer expectations require you to rethink your supply chain.



Aware that logistics has become a differentiating criterion, you are looking for an actor who can offer you a shared service of quality, while strictly respecting the regulations in force.