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Proximity logistics

Our logistics services

You’re looking  to outsource your logistics organization by entrusting the management of your stocks and transport associated with a specialist? The Sterne Group supports you in your project by providing its savoir-faire, existing structures and customised solutions.

You thus benefit from tailor-made solutions that meet your needs: off-site inventory, counters with delivery of parts or free supply, usual or specific packaging, picking and order picking, associated deliveries.

Proximity Logistics

Customized logistics solutions :

  • Inputs and outputs management
  • Storage
  • POS advertising management, goodies
  • Delivery of parts/parcels or free picking
  • Orders preparation
  • Usual and/or specific packaging
  • Upstream and downstream transport

Secure devices :

  • Secure warehouse and video surveillance
  • Easy access and parking
  • Lifting and specific equipment
  • Traceability (scan) and feedback
  • Web solution guaranteeing perfect stock visibility: item sheets, movements and stock status
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