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Mail solutions

Our mail services

You want to entrust your mail management to a specialized service provider?

The Sterne Group collects, sorts, groups and stamps all your mails and letters: priority letters, green letters, registered letters. We also offer outsourced solutions, combining installation design and mailroom management.

On top : time savings and direct savings.

Mail massification and postage

Support for all your mail and parcels (priority letters, green letters, Ecoplis, recommended) :

  • Collection 6 days/week
  • Sorting, massing and postage of folds


Organization and specific resources :

  • 10 agencies equipped with postage meters
  • 4 massification platforms (industrial mail)

A range of suitable and secure containers: trays, saddlebags, plasticized and standardized labels

Sorting Management

Mailroom design and installation :

  • Existing organisations diagnosis
  • Organisation set up
  • Creation of mailrooms
  • Mailroom management
  • Mail dematerialization
  • Folding and distribution
  • Undistributed folds processing
  • Certified document destruction and recycling
  • Digitization and indexing preparation
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