Adrien MOREEL / Delivery Driver - Groupe Sterne

Adrien MOREEL / Delivery Driver

In the transport and delivery sector, delivery drivers are the key players. Adrien Morel, driver for three years at Novea, presents his job.


How would you define a typical day for a delivery driver ?

My typical mission as a delivery-driver is to ensure a daily tour between all France Télévison’s sites. With my light electric vehicle, I arrive at 8:50 a.m. sharp at the France Télévison’s headquarters to receive all the documentary streams that I then deliver to differents (FT) addresses or subsidiaries. Given the nature of the document and its urgency, it can be delivered only in the morning, afternoon, or even twice a day. My tour is about 70 kms and ends around 4:15 p.m. I am then available for other races, until 5 p.m.

What are the main qualities required to be a good delivery driver ?

Knowing your area of delivery is essential, but also to be careful while driving around, respect the signs. A good physical condition for sometimes heavy loads is also required. The delivery driver is often the main contact for customers. A good relational sense is key  to be smiling and kind no matter the circumstance. And, of course, punctuality and adherence to schedules are indispensable.


Is there any minimal training/degree required to practice, and is there possibly a career advancement ?

Of course, you have to hold a driving licence (B minimal). You can then pass other permits to ride on other types of vehicle or then leave the road to pass on posts of dispatcher, dock chief or fleet manager.


Why join the Sterne group rather than another transport group ?

Sterne positions itself as a true transport expert, concerned to bring optimal solutions to its customers, while remaining attentive to its employees. It’s very motivating to work in such a group.